Week of Nov. 6 – Pie #1: Triple Berry Jam Pie

First pie! Wooh! I’ve been craving pie all week and I finally had the chance to eat it when I went over to my friend’s house to veg out. This is, I believe, the fourth pie that we’ve made together and they’ve all been successes so far; at least, that’s what we like to think.

We initially wanted to make a peach pie but since peaches aren’t in season anymore, we couldn’t find any in the fresh produce aisle of the nearest supermarket. We racked our brains and decided to just pie a pre-made crust and use his frozen berries at home as filling. Yep. Pre-made crust and frozen berries. What a great start, eh? But I’m still learning and I don’t think I’ve prepared myself enough to be making our own pie crust just yet.


So off we go making our pie when we got home. We didn’t really follow a recipe because I usually eyeball things when I make the filling and this time around, he decided that he would too. The pie crust was thawing and he started work on the filling. We cooked the frozen berries on his skillet, added cinnamon, vanilla extract, six heaping tablespoonfuls of brown sugar and some cornstarch. He and I were sure that we were making jam instead of filling (hence the title) but #YOLO.

The pre-made pie crust came with two crusts! I was quite excited because I wanted a double crust pie and this product allowed me to do so. Right after the filling was cooked, we poured it into one of the pie crusts and I covered it with the other one. I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t have done that but we did. I fluted the ends, he poked holes on top and sprinkled brown sugar to finish. We baked the pie for 20-25mins in the oven and let it cool for the length of a Walking Dead episode.


The pie came out way better than we expected. The bottom wasn’t soggy at all, the filling gelled up quite nicely and the filling wasn’t too sweet. Overall, I think we definitely have some improvements with regards to our pie-making methodology but we haven’t messed up any of our pies yet! Tune in next week for another piece of pie.

PS. I know the photos suck but trust, I’m investing in a camera to take better pictures!!


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