Week of Nov. 13 – Denny’s and Gabi & Jules

This week, I decided to go out and buy pie. The journey was quite difficult. I asked a friend to get pie with me and every attempt ended in a failure. Thus, one night, we settled for some pie from Denny’s.


There were two options from their holiday menu: Pumpkin Pie or Pecan Pie. I off-handedly mentioned how I wasn’t such a big fan of pumpkin pie so we chose the pecan pie. It had a really jelly-like texture. There was only the top layer of pecans and the rest was the buttery sugary jelly-like stuff. The crust was alright. Honestly, this pie was pretty disappointing. Forgettable. Sorry Denny’s.



The next day, was my friend’s day off and we decided to visit the nearest pie shop. Gabi & Jules, located at Port Moody, serves an assortment of baked goods but they emphasize on pie. They had about six different variations that they had on hand and three were available by the slice. He ordered the Traditional Apple Pie and I ordered the Strawberry Ginger Peach Pie.

Both pies were served in pie tins and each slice was quite large. The pie flavour that I chose is a pretty unusual flavour for a pie. I chose it because I love peaches. The strawberries were quite tart and the ginger was noticeably subtle – if that makes any sense? The peaches retained their shape and the marrying of the ginger and peach flavours worked out real well. Unfortunately, the overall pie was a little too tart for my liking.


The apple pie though. Oh my god. THE BEST apple pie I have EVER had. The filling had this sauce to it that wasn’t too sweet and it was viscous enough that it wasn’t flowing all over the place. I really couldn’t get enough of the apple pie. I would have eaten all of it if my friend let me.


The real winner of the two pies though, was the crust. Gabi & Jules’ crust is so flaky and buttery. It puffed up just right and it held the filling quite well. No bottoms were soggy and the top was crispy.

I’d love to go back to Gabi & Jules and try their other pies. The one that caught my eye was their Chocolate Chess Pie, primarily because I’ve never heard of a chess pie before. That and chocolate.

PS. Aren’t the pictures so much better now?!

Visit Gabi & Jules at 2302B Clarke Street, Port Moody, BC. They are open everyday 8am – 6pm.


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