Week of Nov. 20 – Chocolate Chess Pie II

Ever since I saw “Chocolate Chess Pie” on the Gabi & Jules menu last week, I became curious as to exactly what a chess pie is. Research has taught me that chess pie will always be a single crust pie with a custard base.  Still, that doesn’t answer why it’s called a CHESS pie. I thought that maybe if I cut into it, that there will be some cool black/white checkered pattern, similar to a chessboard. Unfortunately, it has something to do with a pie chest to keep the pie safe. shrug


Nonetheless, my curiosity got the better of me and I Google’d some chocolate chess pie recipes. This recipe by a lady named Susan Bern was at the top of the list. I saw the ingredients list, saw how short it was and off I went to the grocery store. As a matter of fact, I was supposed to bake this pie on Saturday but I got tied up with errands and only managed to bake it last night.


Boy, was this pie worth it! Prep took 10 minutes, baking took 45 minutes and cooling it to let it set, I would probably plan for an hour and a half. I should have baked it for a bit longer but I was using my friend’s kitchen to bake this and it was starting to get late. I cut into this pie after 40 minutes of cooling and still, the centre hasn’t set – as you can see. HOWEVER. The filling was so custardy and light. I don’t really know how else to describe it. It was delicate but it still managed to keep it’s shape.

The only downside about this recipe is that it was very, very sweet. I should have followed the modification listed below by a reviewer: less sugar, more cocoa powder. I can only eat a tiny tiny slice before I feel diabetes peeking it’s head out. Seriously, follow panamabev’s review.


I brought this pie to share at work and it’s STILL not finished. That’s how sweet it is. People can’t eat too much of it. One even described it as a custardy brownie – and I agree. If you love the flavour of brownies, this recipe is definitely right up your alley.

In the future, I’ll either remake this pie with the recipe changes or I’ll make a lactose-free version for my friend. I’m going to bring the remaining 1/4 of this pie over to my cousin’s tomorrow and hope they finish it.

PS. Great Value pie shells are pretty good. Better than President’s Choice.


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