Week of Dec. 4 – Choco Pie

Okay. The snow has been coming down lately and so I haven’t been able to go out and buy ingredients to make pie at my friend’s house. I haven’t been able to go out and buy pie either so this week, we’re going down the lazy route. This week’s pie is CHOCOPIE!


Based on the wagon wheel or moon pies, choco pie is the Korean equivalent of these North American treats. Essentially, these two cakey biscuits sandwich a marshmallow filling and it’s covered all over in a light layer of chocolate. Think of it like a hand pie but without the buttery flaky crust. Instead, we have a cakey crumbly biscuit as the top and bottom crust.


I love choco pie. Choco pie is bae. Once, my friend “paid” me to study with him with a box of choco pie. Unnecessary but I’ll took it. Anyway, my favourite Korean grocery store was having a sale on Orion Choco Pies. Two boxes for $8!!! TWO for $8!!! That’s $4/box. $4/12 chocopies. $0.33/pie. Totally worth it. I finished a box and I’m pretty sure I gave away AT LEAST 3/4 of the other box so I’m not a complete pig.


Choco pie isn’t crazy super sweet, despite what’s in it. The “crusts” are crumbly but it still holds it’s own. The marshmallow filling isn’t as thick as is shown on the package BUT I think if it were any thicker than it currently is, that the overall treat would be too sweet.

Yeah, okay so I cheated this week but this is my blog and it has the word pie in it so fuck you. Go eat some choco pie, scrubs. I’m sure you’ll love it.


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