Week of Dec. 11 – Butter Tarts

Research has shown me that tarts can be interchangeable for pies. They’re extremely similar but they have some minor differences. I won’t delve into the details but this web page does and the explanations are pretty straightforward.

Now, let’s dive into these butter tarts. My co-worker brought in this Christmas box earlier last week and it was filled with these cups of joy. I was secretly salivating over them throughout the day because I just adore butter tarts. They’re just so sweet and sticky. Yum yum yum.


These tarts had a crumbly crust. They held their shape but I felt like if I bit them wrong, they’d crumble. I didn’t like having that fear. I also feel like they tasted a little undercooked. The top was just a teensy bit crackly, but not the traditional crunchy it was supposed to be.


The filling was something else though. It was sweet, but not TOO sweet. It was also quite sticky. So sticky that it’d stick to your teeth. My co-worker’s wife also added raisins in these butter tarts and I quite liked the addition. Made them feel a wee bit healthier even though the filling is literally eggs, butter, and sugar. These were definitely quite delicious and I’m hoping that the last remaining butter tart is still at the office because I will eat it.


PS. I learned that butter tarts are a Canadian thing! Will you like at that? We’re more than just snow, igloos, hockey and poutine!


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