Week of Dec. 18 – Blueberry Lime Pie

It was a statutory holiday yesterday, which is why this week’s post is a day late. For this week’s post, I decided to make some Cranberry Lime Pie – except that when I went to buy ingredients at the store, they didn’t have fresh or frozen cranberries. And so, I turned to the closest thing available, frozen blueberries!


I’ll be honest. I didn’t exactly have the proper tools to make this pie. There’s a baby in my living room so I couldn’t blend the blueberry sugar-water concoction, which led to straining what I could via a LEMON SQUEEZER since for god knows what reason, our strainer is MIA. THEN, I didn’t have a deep 9-inch pie dish. I only had a shallow foil one so I had more than enough for the crust, which by the way wasn’t even a proper crust because I didn’t have a food processor to finely grind the gingersnaps and the pecans. I also don’t have a double-boiler or a pot big enough for what I had on hand so the water touched the base of the bowl and cooked the eggs.

Overall, making this pie was a big FAIL. HOWEVER. That is not to say that I didn’t make it kind of work. I did what I could and I had something. SOME KIND OF PIE was made. I made individual pies too since I had all these smaller foil tart..err…pans.


If I just blended the filling and had a proper method of making the curd, I could have made this pie work. The filling was way too sweet and runny. This recipe warrants a rework because it’s such a gorgeous pie and I really honest-to-god think I can make this work.

Let this not deter you from this recipe because the recipe had nothing to do with this. It was my kitchen’s lack of appliances that made this experience semi-successful. On the bright side, my mom turned the sweet filling into a fruit spread for her bread.


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